In Canada, tobacco lawyers are specialized lawyers who help individuals and businesses with legal issues relating to tobacco. They have a deep understanding of the Canadian tobacco industry and the legal landscape surrounding it.

tobacco lawyer
Tobacco lawyer

There are many reasons why you might need to hire a tobacco lawyer in Canada. For example, you may need help with regulatory compliance, product liability, or marketing issues. A tobacco lawyer can also help you navigate the complex web of laws and regulations that govern the tobacco industry.

In order to find a good tobacco lawyer in Canada, you may have to do some research. There are not as many tobacco lawyers in Canada as there are in the United States, so it may be more difficult to find one that is qualified and experienced.

Here are a few reasons why you might want to consult a Tobacco Lawyer in Canada.

Tobacco Retail Store Licences

In certain Canadian jurisdictions, you will have to obtain a Tobacco licence or permit if you intend to sell tobacco products at retail sale. A tobacco lawyer can help you determine which licences or authorizations you will need to sell your products at retail.

In Ontario, you will need a Tobacco Retail Dealer’s Permit if you are selling tobacco at retail. Harrison Jordan Law can help determine whether you will need this licence and what you will have to do once you have it to comply with the Smoke Free Ontario Act, which is provincial legislation that speaks to how tobacco products can be sold in the province.

Thinking of selling vapour products at retail? You will probably want to take a look at our page on specialty vape stores. Contact our office today if you need assistance with tobacco retail store licences.

Tobacco Manufacturing and Importing Licences

In Canada, the federal government requires you hold a registration with the CRA in respect of the Excise Act if you are importing, producing or packaging tobacco products. You must also sign up for the tobacco stamp regime and put an excise “stamp” on the package of any tobacco-containing product that you sell into the duty-paid market.

Having a lawyer on your side means you can effectively determine which licensing or registration you require for your operation. In turn, this will save you from costly headaches associated with potential infractions if you are not compliant with the CRA excise duty regime for tobacco.

Tobacco Tax Lawyer

Ontario’s tobacco products regime places great importance on the one thing we all don’t want to deal with: TAXES. If you are manufacturing or selling tobacco or tobacco products, chances are you need to pay tax on it. Tax comes in many different forms: excise duty, sales tax, and income tax. By having the right lawyer in your corner, you can ensure that you are collecting, remitting and reporting the appropriate tax to the appropriate authorities.

Tobacco Offence Lawyer

If you have been charged with a tobacco offence, whether under the Tobacco Tax Act, Smoke Free Ontario Act, or other legislation, you need to have the right representation in your corner. Harrison Jordan Law can assist you with Tobacco Offence matters. The strategy depends on the type of matter you are facing. We’ll make an extensive review of the disclosure materials and prepare a defence based on the facts and context of the case. If necessary, we can even fashion defences around Charter rights if there has been a Charter violation or if the legislation you are charged under violates the Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

Harrison Jordan is a trusted tobacco lawyer, assisting clients in tobacco excise duty, tax, licensing, and offence-related matters. Reach out to his office today to see how he can help you with your matter. Fill out the form on this page or reach out to his office at +1.647.371.0032.

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