How to Choose Cannabis Consultants to assist you with Ontario Cannabis Retail Store Process: 6 Questions to Ask

As a cannabis lawyer and consultant I will share with you some best practices in finding a consultant or multiple consultants to help you. Here are some of the best questions that someone can ask their prospective retail cannabis dispensary consultant(s) in Ontario.

1. Has the consultant successfully opened up any retail stores in Ontario?

They may not be able to share much information because of NDAs, but it shouldn’t be hard for them to point to some successes. Some stores I have assisted: Cannaco in Milton, The Green Closet in Toronto, The Hi Class in Toronto, Good Cookie in Scarborough, and tens of other applicants.

2. Does the consultant have any flat-fee pricing?

I have a very competitive flat-fee rate that gives you peace of mind. It doesn’t cover 100% of my expenses but its comes as to it as I can. I’m there every step of the way with you, from the time of incorporation to the day the AGCO authorizes you to open.

3. Does the consultant assist with the Standard Operating Procedures and initial product selection?

I have a comprehensive set of 55 Standard Operating Procedures that I have developed that are specifically for Ontario retail cannabis stores. It references Dutchie, Cova, Greenline, and OnFleet, which is the technology stack used by many retail cannabis stores in Ontario.

4. Does the consultant offer initial product selection?

Initial product selection is absolutely important. Using a wide variety of factors I assist in the selection of the initial product line that you will have in your cannabis retail store. My philosophy is you don’t need to have 1000s of SKUs in order to make everyone feel welcome – but you should stock a little bit for everyone while only focussing on brands that are trusted in the respective product classes.

5. Is the consultant a practicing lawyer?

Note that while consultants may have insight into the application process, they cannot provide legal advice if they are not a licensed lawyer. This means that you will pay for a lawyer in addition to your consultant, added costs that you probably don’t want to have to think about paying.

6. How does the consultant do security?

A good consultant knows the limits of their expertise. That’s why I partner with a well-respected cannabis security planning firm that charges just $1,000 for their comprehensive site-specific security plan. It’s an inexpensive and high-value security plan you can tell take to security integrators – you can even quote-shop to different integrators and go with the lowest price with respect to installation/hardware costs!

Harrison Jordan, Ontario Cannabis Lawyer

Harrison Jordan Law Professional Corporation is a Cannabis Consulting and Law Firm assisting retail stores and applicants across Ontario. He has successfully assisted stores from incorporation to operation. Call him for a free 1-Minute Phone Consultation at 647-371-0032 or visit his website at