Who We Are

Harrison Jordan practices Canadian cannabis law, with an emphasis on legal and regulatory matters related to the cannabis plant.

Harrison understands Canadian cannabis laws and regulations. He graduated from Osgoode Hall Law School, completed his articles at Canadian cannabis law firm Lewin & Sagara LLP and was called to the Ontario bar in 2018.

About Us / Lawyers

Harrison Jordan is a Toronto-based lawyer focussing on legal matters related to the cannabis plant. He graduated from Osgoode Hall Law School where he enrolled in a number of commercial and public law courses.

Harrison worked under prominent Canadian cannabis lawyers Alan Young and Paul Lewin. After completing his articles at Lewin & Sagara, Harrison opened his practice, where he advises individuals, small businesses and Licensed Producer applicants business with respect to Canada’s cannabis laws.

Since graduating from law school, Harrison Jordan has acted a freelance writer for the cannabis industry, sharing insights about Canada’s cannabis industry through news articles for some of the country’s most prominent cannabis industry outlets, including LeaflyCivilized, and Lift News. His written pieces focus on the legal, regulatory and business climate of cannabis in Canada, illuminating in plain English the complexities that the industry brings with it.

Harrison is also the co-founder of marketing agency The Big Toke, through which has helped Canadian cannabis companies achieve their digital marketing and copywriting goals – with a key emphasis on Search Engine Optimization results.

Harrison Jordan understands the Canadian marijuana laws and can help guide you through:

• Access to Medical Cannabis Regulations (ACMPR)
• Industrial Hemp Regulations
• Cannabis Regulations
• Cannabis Drug Licence
• Retail Store Licenses
• Municipal Zoning By-law compliance for Commercial Cannabis Facilities in Ontario

Business Law

Incorporation, trademark and business documents with respect to Canadian cannabis companies.

Regulatory Law

We know cannabis regulations and understand the regulatory challenges facing licensed producers (LPs) of cannabis as well as pre-license applicants under the ACMPR and Cannabis Act.

Criminal Law

Do your company’s planned activities constitute a prohibited criminal act under the law? We’ll advise you of the legal avenues, if available, to conduct your business.

Tax Law

Every commercial producer or packager of cannabis requires a “Cannabis Licence” from the Canadian Revenue Agency, which we can assist in obtaining.

Frequently Asked Questions

‘What is a “security clearance” and will I be able to obtain one?’

For those applying to Health Canada to cultivate, produce, process, package or sell cannabis, key personnel will need to obtain a “security clearance” from Health Canada. Get in touch with us today to determine if you will able to obtain security clearance and how to best structure your organization otherwise.

‘When marijuana is legal, can I produce and sell my cannabis product?’

That depends on what form of cannabis you want to produce and sell. Health Canada has opened access to approving products containing cannabis, including natural health products and veterinary health products. Get in touch with us today to see if we can start developing your project.

‘Can I start a private cannabis dispensary in Ontario?’

The answer to that is most likely – no. All recreational cannabis sales will be done through stores that will be controlled solely by the government under their Ontario Cannabis Store brand. The Ontario Cannabis Store is also operating the sole online marketplace for recreational cannabis in the province. This might change with the upcoming Doug Ford provincial government – so stay tuned.

‘I’ve been arrested for a marijuana offence under the Cannabis Act or Controlled Drugs and Substances Act. Can you help?’

We have worked with great criminal lawyers in the field who practice solely on cannabis matters. If we cannot help you with your matter, we will put you in t0uch with a lawyer that knows both criminal and cannabis law.

‘Do I need a license to cultivate, produce, or sell medical and non-medical cannabis?’

The license you will have to obtain depends on what step of the process you would like to take part in and whether it is for medical or non-medical purposes.

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